All-in-one Microsoft Azure & Modern Work Management Platform

Transparency, control, and peace of mind that the pace of your business demands

As your business grows, your technology footprint does too; and your stakeholders, financial, and IT teams need a simple way to manage and connect data across your Azure and Modern Work tools. Insights by Coretek provides transparency, control, and peace of mind that the pace of your business demands.

Cost Optimization

Insights by Coretek simplifies the management of your Azure and Microsoft 365 costs. It provides a single pane of glass view with predictive analytics and budget alerts in an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-understand experience for your business

Simplified Governance

Insights by Coretek helps you manage changes, monitor security and performance needs regardless of the size or complexity of your business and its environment.


Insights by Coretek allows your business to scale with demand and provides the assurance and confidence that your technology is deployed securely and consistently for your business needs.


“Provisioning new users and licenses used to take hours for our team; now, using Insights by Coretek, it only takes our team minutes to do the same tasks. This platform has simplified and sped up the daily management of our Microsoft Azure and Modern Work tools.”
—IT Services Engineer


Insights Features

  • View and manage Azure consumption, policies, and subscriptions
  • View and manage Microsoft 365 consumption, users, policies, and subscriptions
  • Predictive analytics and Azure consumption forecasting
  • Integration with any financial system
  • Simplify cost management with chargeback and showback costing
  • Budget management and alerting
  • Deploy automated Azure resources
  • Manage security alerts and mitigate risks
  • Change management governance
  • Create and manage support tickets with Coretek
Insights Screen

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