Health & Wellness Technology Industry Leader Modernizes in Azure

LifeWorks leveraged Azure-native technologies to improve the lives of employees worldwide.


LifeWorks is a world leader providing personalized and simplified solutions for all aspects of wellbeing: Digital and in-person health, retirement, employee assistance, and wellness programs. As LifeWorks began to consider modernizing their application and delivering services to their users, they turned to Coretek, a trusted Microsoft partner with deep experience in Azure infrastructure and application modernization. One LifeWorks' customers, a US State Government entity, needed to meet specific employee data security requirements. LifeWorks wanted to host their application and deliver their solution in a more modern, scalable, and secure manner. Their previous strategy hosting in IBM datacenters could not scale to meet the growing demands of LifeWorks' customers.


Coretek planned, architected, built, and executed a comprehensive Microsoft Azure cloud solution for the US state government entity partnered with LifeWorks. As part of the overall cloud strategy for LifeWorks, Coretek also assisted in planning, designing, implementing, and ongoing management of the foundational components required in Microsoft Azure. These components would center on defining cloud strategy, cloud planning, Azure readiness, subscription, network, identity, security, and governance attributes concerning leveraging the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). Coretek provided a robust and secured infrastructure to meet the LifeWorks system solution with those foundational components documented and in place.


The Coretek Azure-native solution for LifeWorks provided a sound, foundational architecture for Microsoft Azure cloud enablement, including networking, identity management, and security using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools and methodologies. Coretek implemented the Azure Landing Zone that will be the base for the LifeWorks customer solution and will be hosted and supported by Coretek and LifeWorks for the next seven years. This Azure native solution is the long-term infrastructure foundation for other LifeWorks customer offerings. 

Coretek's solution also improved LifeWorks' security posture and enabled them to meet FedRAMP High and HIPAA compliance requirements. Coretek set up LifeWorks' application infrastructure for backups and disaster recovery and currently provides long-term support for their Azure environment to ensure stability, performance and minimize costs where appropriate.

LifeWorks can now build out its applications for customers quickly and safely using this new Azure environment that will scale with the demands of their industry.

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5,000-10,000 employees

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GitHub Enterprise
Infrastrucutre as Code (IaC)
Palo Alto
Azure Site Recovery
Azure PaaS
Azure Active Directory
Express Route
Azure Load Balancer
Key Vault
Azure Front Door with Web Application Firewall
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Application Scale
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Automation Using Cloud Native Solutions
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